Welcome 20 Somethings!

I am so excited to be launching my very own blog! This is something I have wanted to work towards for a while now.

My name is Katie. While I live in NYC now, I am actually from the small state of Delaware. After graduating from the University of Delaware, I lived at home to save some money. I moved to NYC two years ago because I was ready for a new adventure. It is safe to say that I have learned so much about myself in the last few years.

I turned 25 just a few short days ago. Therefore, I am officially going through my quarter-life crisis, and I am here to share my quarter-life stress with all of you! …Just kidding! I wouldn’t put that on anyone. However, I am beginning to realize that the pressure and confusion of our twenties is actually a lot more common that I once thought.

I hope that this site brings a chance for me to grow and learn more about myself, but more importantly, I am hoping that this offers an opportunity to help other women navigate their 20s as well. When you think about it, we are stuck in our 20s for ten years. We might as well master it.


You guessed it! That’s my 25th birthday.