Managing a busy month

Part of growing up is learning to juggle it all. Not that we are expected to, but it’s only natural that we aim to. We watched our mothers and caregivers juggle our schedules along with their own. It is only natural to assume that is expected of us as well.

I don’t believe that as 20 somethings we should be striving to juggle it all, but I do believe in prioritizing what is important to your own lifestyle, especially when your work or study schedule seems to interfere with your overall wellbeing and health.

Currently, I work in a fast-paced and demanding environment. On most days, I walk in not knowing what to expect to come of my work day, and I finish the day strung out and impatient. Adjusting to my new role, this has been the most trying part for me. Setting expectations is very important to me. I can’t properly manage my emotions unless I know what I am in for.

With that being said, I have had to learn to schedule so much of my personal life. One of the first things to ask yourself is, what do I have to achieve outside of work or school? For me, that is allowing time for the gym, grocery shopping, meal prep, and finding sometime to unwind and relax. Over the last few month, I have learned the power of packing a gym bag, the importance of meal prepping healthy lunches and dinners, and the value in finding the “me” time I really need in order to start all over again tomorrow.

Priorities may vary, but a sense of self remains key to myself during the week. August tends to be a crazy month at work, and since I knew that heading into it, I made an effort to pack my gym bag, pack lunch, and more importantly, pack dinner. The first few nights of my late nights at work, I was so impressed by what a difference a 5pm dinner made on my late workout. I don’t condone becoming a slave to your work, but I also don’t condone giving up or putting in a lazy effort either.

Packing dinner became a miracle to my workday evening. My effort at the gym didn’t slack, and I finished up my day with enough energy to make it back uptown afterwards. In addition, I arrived at home still energized to find time to spend on myself, whether that was doing my nails or watching Bravo TV.

My advice to you is to make yourself a priority during rough weeks at work. Whenever you see an opportunity, find the time to log off. If not, find the opportunity to work with your disastrous work schedule. Your mind and body will thank you.

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