How to move within one week

Woof! September has been a crazy month, and it isn’t even over yet. My boyfriend and I have been looking for the perfect apartment to start our journey towards cohabitation for the past two months. While we were fortunate enough to know a broker, it still was not that easy. It took a lot of time to search online and see a potential apartment in person, only to find out that someone may have gotten their application in before us.

When we lost our number one pick (twice), my broker recommended that we apply to our back up building as those units started getting more views. We submitted the application to find out that we had a few more hurdles to pass based on our credit report (that’s another story I will go through on this blog), which thankfully we were able to succeed. Exactly one week from submitting our application, we signed our lease set to start just five days later! Who knew so much could change in just 2 short weeks?

While I still had my current apartment for another two weeks, we really didn’t want to waste any time settling into the new pad we picked out to share. My boyfriend was living out of a suitcase, and we had no personal space as we were confined to just my bedroom. Since we decided just to go for it, that meant that we were moving exactly one week from signing our lease. Great planning, right?

Just 5 days before we had to move, my head was spinning from the stress. It was overwhelming to think about everything I needed to do or pack. Most articles I’ve read about moving, list out a timeline that allowed for 3-6 months to prepare and pack. Unfortunately, we didn’t have that kind of time, so I wanted to share my moving checklist with all of you. On the off chance that you ever have to move at a such short notice, feel free to use my 20 something movers guide.

Day 1

  • Coordinate and communicate move in date with new management company
    • Make sure you understand the building restrictions and guidelines on moving in and out
    • Schedule a time to pick up keys
  • Coordinate and communicate move out date with old management company
    • Make sure you take care of any fixes the apartment requires to avoid losing your security deposit
    • Schedule a walk-through, if required
  • Take an inventory of everything you have to pack up or throw out
  • Buy packing materials – boxes, packing paper, tape, trash bags
  • Make arrangements with either movers or friends and a U-Haul (if you are moving yourself)
    • If you really are moving on such a short notice, you might have to call around to a few moving companies or be a little flexible with your move in date
    • If you are using movers, be sure to request a certificate of insurance (if your building requires it)
  • Start trashing anything you don’t plan on taking with you (your apartment will quickly turn into an organized mess)
    • Old food
    • Old cleaning supplies
    • Donate clothes you know you won’t wear ever again
  • Start boxing up anything seasonal you don’t need ASAP (winter coats, summer clothes, etc)

Day 2 – 6

  • Submit change of address forms / contact info:
    • Post Office
    • DMV
    • Work information / W2
    • Bank and credit card companies
    • Voter registation
    • Doctors / pharmacies
  • Gather all important documents and store/file in a safe place (to avoid misplacing)
    • Passports
    • Prescription refills
    • Lease agreements
    • Taxes
  • Open all necessary cable & utility accounts
    • Open or transfer cable providers
    • Open electric and/or gas providers for the move out
    • Close other cable & utility providers
  • Clean any dirty laundry to avoid packing dirty clothes with clean clothes
  • Set aside anything you will need on moving date
    • Comfortable clothes and shoes
    • Prescriptions
    • Technology must-haves (phone charger, tablets, etc)
    • Snacks/protein bars
  • Start packing!
    • Use your initial list of inventory to determine what can be packed and labeled together
    • Label all boxes clearly, especially anything fragile

For an added tip, I like to create a checklist by day. It helps keep me organized and efficient with my time. I also like to label all boxes that I will need to open up first after moving.

Day 7: Moving Day!!

  • Make sure to eat breakfast and/or lunch and stay hydrated
  • Keep important documents and belongings with you
  • Take an inventory of everything to be moved (to ensure everything is accounted for off the truck)
  • Count all boxes
  • List all furniture not packed in boxes
  • Be sure to tip the movers afterwards (recommended 15-20% in cash)

And that’s really it! Pop a bottle of champagne and rest your feet after all that moving about. You deserve it!

Have you gone through a similar move? Did I leave anything out? Let me know! I’d love to add in any tips you may have 🙂

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