What Every Routine Needs

I love routines, so much so that I regularly find myself in a rut without one. After falling off the wagon, I find myself sluggish, unmotivated, and lost. I try and try to keep up, but that the end of the day, I still find myself stuck in a rut, characterized by a broken habit. If you need a visual, I wind up looking like a couch potato with my hand in a bag of chips.

As humans, we are all creatures of habit. I know that in my case, daily habits and routine adds comfort to my day to day life, and it is vital in reaching my personal goals. What are some of my routines that I stick to during the week? I like to eat healthy, stick to a work out schedule, read or catch up on TV, and then I start all over again. Essentially, what I am trying to get at is routine is what keeps me healthy, feeling confident, and energized. Without regular habits, I feel off and cathartic.

My initial intention in writing this post was to motivate others as well as myself. And yes, I want to be entirely honest about that because we all have these crappy moments when we don’t know where to begin. So I’m going to start by saying, it is okay. It is completely normal. Now we can dive in to my epiphany.

If you are trying to get back on track, what you need is simple: CHANGE. Okay, not that simple. Change is overwhelming, especially if you are feeling somewhat lost. “Where do you begin? Where do I get the energy? But I don’t want to do all of that work.” My mind spins at the thought of figuring all of this out.

In this case, change is both the culprit and the savior. Change is what threw us off our routine. Something happened, whether internal or external. Your commute got longer, work became overwhelming, or maybe you just wanted to give up being superwoman for one week. Something in your routine threw you off, but the only thing to throw you back on is to change out of this rut.

  1. Start small. Find 25 minutes to hit the gym. Pick a salad. Write down your feelings. Take baby steps. Success does not happen overnight, so don’t force yourself to do too much at once. Change your thinking.
  2. Do something out of the ordinary. Bored at the gym? Why not hit the park? Or go to the gym at an offbeat time. Last week, I found the time to go to the gym over lunch, and I was amazing by how much energy I had the rest of the day. Change your environment.
  3. Focus on the positive. I do not know many people who are motivate by negative thoughts. Maybe in some instances it is helpful, but in most cases, I am my best when I am motivated by positivity. Instead of, “I have so much to do,” tell yourself “I have so much to be excited about.” Quit beating yourself up for getting off track, and start thinking about how great it will be to get back on track! Change your direction.

Do you love routine as much as I do? What gets your back on track? Let’s be honest with ourselves. Life happens, and we will fall and pick ourselves back up over and over again. We just will get better at it.


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