Holiday Social Etiquette: Answering Tough Questions

The holidays are finally here! I have been listening to Christmas music since November 1st, and I am so happy that the rest of the world has finally caught up to me! Tis’ the season for busy schedules, holiday baking and decorating, parties, and shopping on shopping! Every girl’s dream, right?

Oh and did I mention the holiday parties? I did. Ah, who doesn’t love the forced merriment? What a joy! My sentiment does sound somewhat bitter, so let me clarify. I absolutely love family gatherings. I truly look forward to getting together and catching up with people I don’t get to see so often.

What I am acknowledging is, there is a certain side to the holidays that can be difficult. Maybe it was a rough year for you personally. You’re nervous to see him/her after so long. You’re not at your ideal weight. You’re stressed out shopping without your Holiday bonus. Who will be my date to this holiday party? Ugh, another engagement/baby announcement on Facebook!?

So many thoughts! So many questions. But notice, all of these questions arise by worrying about what others might think of us; what others might ask of us. My thoughts this season? Focus on the positive. What do you have going for yourself? (And don’t play the sad puppy game with me! You are remarkable no matter what stage of life you are in.)

Maybe this was a great year for you. Maybe you have a shiny ring on your finger or dropped on dress size and can’t wait to dance the night away. However, we all have rough years and “off” days or even months. That is nothing to harp on; there is always a little good worth spreading.

Here is my personal perspective, I brought my boyfriend home this year for a series of family parties. As I would have guessed it, the E-word came up so many times; it was even directly asked to both of us at one point. How did I handle it? I focused on what I am proud of right now. “You know what, we are just so happy right now. We’re still getting settled in our new apartment. The time will come when it is right.”

Unfortunately, not everyone invited to holiday parties understands proper social etiquette; how to reciprocate, what to ask, and especially what not to ask. Don’t stress about lying or over-exaggerating something that did not happen as you had hoped. Focus on the good, and when in doubt change the subject. If not this year, next year is all yours with the right attitude.


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