New Year, New You! (Continued)

New Year Resolutions… (eye roll, am I right?)

What I dislike about New Years resolutions, is the notion that they are only goals for January, February, and then sometime in March they cease to exist. Just take a look around your gym (if you belong to one), it is probably mobbed right now! Peak hours are much crazier than normal, and there is a wait for a cardio machine. Come March, you’re wondering where everyone went; did they give up? I am here to tell you all, your New Years resolutions don’t need to be this way.

Let’s shift our mindset to the positive, 2017 is a new beginning. Like every year, 2017 has 365 days to work towards your goals, not just the first 3 months. We have so much time to work with.

In my last post, I ended by asking what you want in this year and to gather a list of your goals, which I was obviously intending for myself as well. This year, I decided to log ALL of my goals in google docs (I love being able to access it anywhere). I wrote down everything I want for myself this year, no matter how small to large it may be. Nothing is too small or broad for this list, but keep in mind to only focus on things which you have the power to influence.

For example, I want to stop cursing, save more money, develop my blog, but I also want to focus on making myself happy. Like I said nothing is too broad or too specific. Personally, I feel that every goal I have for myself is important and all serve a different purpose towards mastering my twenties.

Was there something you wished you changed about 2016? Was there something you just never got around to? How about something you’ve wanted for a while, but you did not know where to begin?

Don’t get bogged down by how you will really get there just yet. We can talk about that later. Let’s take this one step at a time, and you won’t burn out. Slow and steady, right?

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