Time for a job hunt?

My senior year in college, one of my english professors mentioned that our generation is estimated to have approximately four to five careers during our lifetime. Not four to five jobs…four to five careers! No wonder we are so exhausted in our twenties.

He specifically prompted us to work this notion into our next assignment, which was an auto-biography written 30 years out in the future. I remember at the time that this was particularly difficult for me to wrap my head around. Both of my parents entered into careers that remained in upon graduating.

You can say, that I expected a path similar to that of my parents. I expected that I would ultimately start a career after graduating, and I would follow that career path throughout rest of my life. Maybe take a pause for kids, maybe take over something temporary to make time for family time, but I truly thought that I would be with one company my whole career. If not, maybe I would work for two companies, but overall I would work within the same job function.

I am here to tell you – I was 100% wrong. HA! How great? It’s not that simple.

I can ramble on about how naive I was/am, but to put it simply, I found myself searching for a new job about a year after graduating. Fast forward to about 3 years later, I still find myself struggling to picture my next career move.

Here is my guide for recognizing when it may be time to move on from your current job:

  • Mastered Core Responsibilities – This is especially true if there is no promise for promotion or the “next step”
    • The company may be headed in a downward direction
    • You are ready to move up, but your company is not promoting
  • Unhealthy Work Environment
    • Corporate culture, stress, and working with difficult people
    • This can be difficult to recognize
    • Bottom line: work is impacting your health or your personal life
  • Newfound Personal Goals
    • Spent enough time at your job to realize it is not for you long term
    • Overall, you need to allow enough time to really dig deep and figure out what you want to see/do next
  • Location / Change of City or State
    • Need a shorter commute?
    • Relocate closer to family or friends
    • Need a change of scenery? Maybe the big city was fun while it lasted, but you need to be near mountains and nature. Or maybe you absolutely hate the cold and need to migrate south.

Have you been thinking you might be ready for a new job? Do any of these bullets resonate with you? If so, be sure to consider the pros and cons as well as what you are truly looking to do or see 40+ hours a week. There is definitely more to come on how to search for your next job! I have so many tips and tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned twenty somethings!!


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