6 Months into Living Together…

Happy Valentine’s Day 20 somethings! Whether you are single or in love, please take this day to send love to those who support you. I know I love all of you!!

My boyfriend and I moved in together about 6 months ago, so I figured this is a great time to provide an update on what I have learned so far.

  • Always make sure the toilet seat is down – old habits die hard
    • Note: he still hasn’t killed this bad habit
  • You will gain weight – you’re sharing a pantry with a boy, how could you not?
  • Your mother won’t understand – things were different in her day
    • She’ll also think you’re about to get engaged…
  • You feel like you clean allllll the time
  • Your finances take a bigger hit than you thought – it starts with movers, then furniture, and then you start getting carried away at Target…
  • ESPN & CNN is basically white noise in the background
  • 1 Bedroom Closet isn’t enough
  • Your relationship still has a while to go – a year to adjust
    • Definitely not mentally, physically or emotionally ready for a ring

Ahh.. but let’s not lose sight of the beautiful moments:

  • He knows I like my eggs scrambled
  • He takes out the trash
  • When I can’t get out of work on time, he can pick up my laundry
  • When I get lucky, steak or chili is waiting for me on the stove
  • Living with the best support system since your parents

Halfway in, I know we still have a long way to go. It was an interesting transition in the beginning. Mostly because it was surprisingly difficult to settle into a regular routine. We were watching TV in separate rooms trying to cling to whatever personal space we could claim. We had to learn to communciate more effectively now that we were around each other much more often.

If a friend were to come to me, asking for advice about whether she should take the same route, I would have mixed feelings in all honestly. Every relationship is different. My advice would vary based on the relationship. I say this because I do still think we have a long way to go, and I think moving in together needs to be decided with a great deal of reason.

I love my boyfriend, and I can happily say that we chose to move in together for the right reasons. I know we will still face some trying times on this endeavor. I don’t regret taking this step with him, but I would advise to anyone else to be sure to consider it with enough thought.

Questions or advice for me? Feel free to comment or contact me! I would love to hear if you are in a similar place or considering moving in with your significant other.


Katie @ the 20 Something League

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