My advice for a college senior

Welcome to summer! This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. My brother is going to be a senior in college, and as much as he definitely does not read this blog, I figured it was a great way to reflect on that moment in my life.

The summer into senior year, I was living in Baltimore for an internship, and I was still counting the days until I turned 21.I look back on that experience with such fond memories as I was sharing an apartment with one of my best friends. I was excited to begin to earn some real money and wear dressy clothes to work.

With this in mind, I wanted to share a few of my big learnings from senior year.

1. Get excited!

Every other girl in my sorority never spoke of the dreaded “G” word, but I’m here to tell you to GET EXCITED! All good things do come to an end, but make sure you enjoy your senior year (safely). Don’t leave college with any regrets or what ifs. Make this year the year to remember and be sure to leave it knowing you did everything you wanted.

2. Plan your next steps

Whether that includes your first full-time job, further education, or chasing your dreams. Be sure to think carefully about what you will do post-grad. It may be scary, but take these steps one day at a time. Today, I will apply online… Today, I have a call with HR to discuss my interest…Today, I have an interview… Today, I got an offer…

3. Don’t forget to study

Keep that eye on the diploma. You still need to work hard and finish strong. I was a part-time student senior year, which made studying that much harder for me. I was only taking one or two last elective classes, so it was definitely difficult to motivate myself as I was interning 19 hours per week.

4. Remember your friends/relationships

This is the time to reaffirm to your friends how much they mean to you. After graduating, maintaining those friendships takes a little bit more effort. All the friends and connections you made are still your friends! You might not see everyone every day, but remember to stay in touch.


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