Barbie, you get me.

Listen up ladies! My childhood idol just said everything I ever needed to learn about depression, and I could not be more proud. I started this blog to discuss struggles that I had been facing my twenties in hopes to connect or inspire other women in their twenties. If you have ever felt lost, sad or depressed, you know how debilitating it may feel and how hard it is come back from those feelings of deep sadness.

While on Facebook, I came across a video of Barbie in a Vlog format. Growing up, I loved Barbie dolls. She was fun, beautiful, but most of all smart. In more recent years, I noticed that Barbie began to get a bad reputation, primarily based on her unrealistic figure.

Today, I am proud to see Barbie take on YouTube with her very own Vlog, specifically because of this topic. In the below video, Barbie describes how on occasion she feels an overwhelming sadness, but more importantly how she tries to cheer herself up in these moments. Barbie even goes on to explain that these feelings are completely normal and that remembering that helps her feel better.

While I have felt moments of sadness myself, I can safely say it takes time to learn how to handle these dark feelings. I love that Barbie has brought mindfulness to light for younger girls. I had my own feelings of stress when I was little, and I am sure if I had the right tools I would have been better at managing my feelings later in life. Thank you Barbie!

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