7 Days Until I turn 26

Hey 20 Somethings!!

This August, I feel an interesting excitement over my birthday. This year, I feel a sense of relief as I am not stressed about what I am doing or who can attend. I am just happy to be celebrating with the people I love most. I am stressed about getting my own health insurance, but that’s a whole other topic…

It is now 7 days until I turn 26, and I want to reflect on seven big moves that I made to help better myself in my 25th year.

  1. I started a (small) anti-aging regimen.
  2. I fell in love with pumpkin spice.
  3. I finally threw out my old party clothes from college.
  4. I took my workout routine to new heights.
  5. I updated my resume and started a new job (see my advice).
  6. I try my best to accept my vulnerability.
  7. I learned a lot about my relationship (see here and here).

I cannot wait to see what 26 will bring me. I am certain I still have so much to work on, but that’s what this journey is all about, isn’t it?