Where in the world am I?

Hi Everyone!!

It’s been way too long since my last post, and I am so sorry! Time definitely got away from me as did a few of my priorities. Since it has been a while, I wanted to take this moment to talk about what I have been up to.

This year, I was off to a shaky start as work was very busy for the first few months, so it was also mentally draining. I work in a fast paced environment, on a team where I frequently need to be the spokesperson for my own development. This can be rather exhausting and unsatisfying. As I leave for the day, I don’t have that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes along with a sense of accomplishment, and it only makes beginning a new day even harder. I definitely want to discuss this in another post as it is a much more involved story than how I am currently describing it, but I think we could all benefit from dissecting our careers and expectations during our 20s.

Outside of work, I was then forced to reevaluate my priorities for the year based on the amount of time and energy I had left. I channeled my energy into two things, fitness and reading. I really increased the intensity of my workout regimen, which has also become more of a habitual routine rather than forcing myself just to be there. I started a new 4-week program, and I focused on incorporating new tools and supplements in order to see results. Once I adjusted my eating habits to eat 5 smaller meals per day, my momentum was even stronger. I needed my summer bod much earlier this season as I was headed off to Mexico in April. I’ll be sharing more details about my recent confidence boost in another post.

Any other additional time I had outside of work, I devoted to reading or catching up with friends. I set a goal for myself this year to 17 books (in 2017), so I’ve had to crank through a few library books at warp speed. A few of the books I read, I will definitely be sharing more info on as a few of them are related to either developing myself or my relationships.

I have to admit, I am rather ashamed that I let this blog get away from me for the last two months. I appreciate your kindness, and I am so happy to be back.


Personality Type & Your Career

I am currently halfway through my 20s, and I have spent so many moments considering and reconsidering my direction in life. Usually, I aways turn to psychology; I try to dig deep and analzye why I might be feeling the way I am. After over-analyzing the why, I try to get at the how. How can I change what I am feeling? What do I need to do?

One of my goals this year was to read 17 books (in 2017), so I decided this was a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. In my search, I came across a self-help book that applies personality types to different career fields. Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type takes a look at how personality type influences your career. This book helps you determine your Myers-Briggs personality type to help you better understand your strengths as well as your shortcomings. The theory is that you are capable of working in any field, but some careers may be more difficult than others based on your strengths.

A few things I learned about myself:

  • I am an ISFJ:
    • Introverted
    • Sensing
    • Feeling
    • Judging
  • Every personality has a different hierarchy of functions (which are easiest and which are not so easy)
    • I introvert my sensing function, which implies that I process data in my inner thoughts.
    • I extrovert my intuition, which implies that I make connections and draw conclusions through speaking out loud or with others
  • Unfortunately, all of this led to realizing that I may be in the right career after all  based on my personality type.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because I find psychology interesting, but I also always love to learn more about myself. Admittedly, I was expecting this book to lead to an epiphany of sorts, telling me that I needed to start making a broader, way more drastic career move. When in fact, my current field was listed right among the popular careers for my personality type. Maybe the real epiphany was that I am doing okay right where I am, right now.

I always appreciate having a greater understanding of my own thoughts, which this book definitely provided. It helped me see that I may feel like I am struggling right now, but I will get better. My strengths will always be my strengths, but I will always be working on improving my weaknesses. We truly do get better with age because practice makes perfect.

The 20 Something League’s first milestone!

In light of my half birthday on Monday, I am reminded of another exciting milestone. Just 6 short months ago, I decided to start the 20 Something League as a forum for women in their 20s to talk about the pressure and confusion that we are facing in our 20s. I wanted to share my own experiences and learnings to shed more light on the struggles we face. A lot has even changed in my own life, and I am so grateful for all that I have learned. 

I truly cannot believe the 20 Something League has been up and running for 6 months! There is plenty more to come. 

Feel free to take this opportunity to comment on a topic you’d like to learn more about. I’m sure it’s something I am working on myself. We are here to help each other out! 🙂

6 Months Older,


6 Months into Living Together…

Happy Valentine’s Day 20 somethings! Whether you are single or in love, please take this day to send love to those who support you. I know I love all of you!!

My boyfriend and I moved in together about 6 months ago, so I figured this is a great time to provide an update on what I have learned so far.

  • Always make sure the toilet seat is down – old habits die hard
    • Note: he still hasn’t killed this bad habit
  • You will gain weight – you’re sharing a pantry with a boy, how could you not?
  • Your mother won’t understand – things were different in her day
    • She’ll also think you’re about to get engaged…
  • You feel like you clean allllll the time
  • Your finances take a bigger hit than you thought – it starts with movers, then furniture, and then you start getting carried away at Target…
  • ESPN & CNN is basically white noise in the background
  • 1 Bedroom Closet isn’t enough
  • Your relationship still has a while to go – a year to adjust
    • Definitely not mentally, physically or emotionally ready for a ring

Ahh.. but let’s not lose sight of the beautiful moments:

  • He knows I like my eggs scrambled
  • He takes out the trash
  • When I can’t get out of work on time, he can pick up my laundry
  • When I get lucky, steak or chili is waiting for me on the stove
  • Living with the best support system since your parents

Halfway in, I know we still have a long way to go. It was an interesting transition in the beginning. Mostly because it was surprisingly difficult to settle into a regular routine. We were watching TV in separate rooms trying to cling to whatever personal space we could claim. We had to learn to communciate more effectively now that we were around each other much more often.

If a friend were to come to me, asking for advice about whether she should take the same route, I would have mixed feelings in all honestly. Every relationship is different. My advice would vary based on the relationship. I say this because I do still think we have a long way to go, and I think moving in together needs to be decided with a great deal of reason.

I love my boyfriend, and I can happily say that we chose to move in together for the right reasons. I know we will still face some trying times on this endeavor. I don’t regret taking this step with him, but I would advise to anyone else to be sure to consider it with enough thought.

Questions or advice for me? Feel free to comment or contact me! I would love to hear if you are in a similar place or considering moving in with your significant other.


Katie @ the 20 Something League

Time for a job hunt?

My senior year in college, one of my english professors mentioned that our generation is estimated to have approximately four to five careers during our lifetime. Not four to five jobs…four to five careers! No wonder we are so exhausted in our twenties.

He specifically prompted us to work this notion into our next assignment, which was an auto-biography written 30 years out in the future. I remember at the time that this was particularly difficult for me to wrap my head around. Both of my parents entered into careers that remained in upon graduating.

You can say, that I expected a path similar to that of my parents. I expected that I would ultimately start a career after graduating, and I would follow that career path throughout rest of my life. Maybe take a pause for kids, maybe take over something temporary to make time for family time, but I truly thought that I would be with one company my whole career. If not, maybe I would work for two companies, but overall I would work within the same job function.

I am here to tell you – I was 100% wrong. HA! How great? It’s not that simple.

I can ramble on about how naive I was/am, but to put it simply, I found myself searching for a new job about a year after graduating. Fast forward to about 3 years later, I still find myself struggling to picture my next career move.

Here is my guide for recognizing when it may be time to move on from your current job:

  • Mastered Core Responsibilities – This is especially true if there is no promise for promotion or the “next step”
    • The company may be headed in a downward direction
    • You are ready to move up, but your company is not promoting
  • Unhealthy Work Environment
    • Corporate culture, stress, and working with difficult people
    • This can be difficult to recognize
    • Bottom line: work is impacting your health or your personal life
  • Newfound Personal Goals
    • Spent enough time at your job to realize it is not for you long term
    • Overall, you need to allow enough time to really dig deep and figure out what you want to see/do next
  • Location / Change of City or State
    • Need a shorter commute?
    • Relocate closer to family or friends
    • Need a change of scenery? Maybe the big city was fun while it lasted, but you need to be near mountains and nature. Or maybe you absolutely hate the cold and need to migrate south.

Have you been thinking you might be ready for a new job? Do any of these bullets resonate with you? If so, be sure to consider the pros and cons as well as what you are truly looking to do or see 40+ hours a week. There is definitely more to come on how to search for your next job! I have so many tips and tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned twenty somethings!!


Achieving your goals: Time Management

Hey 20 Somethings!

How are those New Years Resolutions coming along? With one month down and eleven to go, let’s evaluate where we are in the process. Maybe you made a start, but you feel that you are beginning to lose steam. Maybe you didn’t start at all, and you are kicking yourself for not really trying. Or maybe you are killing the game (x’cuseee me).

Irregardless of where you are in the process, I wanted to take some time to talk about time management. Anytime I find myself lacking in motivation, I head over to listen to Ted Talks looking for the right inspiration to get me going again. I came across this Ted Talk pretty easily, and I want to share it with all of you as it is very relevant to all of us, specifically to achieving our goals.

When I struggle with achieving my goals, the truth is that I have not actively made them a priority. While in my head, it may be something very important to me, I do not realize that I haven’t set enough time aside to make any progress. My lesson here is this, don’t confuse priority with level of importance. If you have a priority (or multiple priorities), be sure to pencil them into your busy schedule.

In Laura Vanderkam’s talk on time management, she talks about treating your priorities as they matter by describing how some of the busiest people manage their time. More over, she provides strategies and examples for how to achieve your goals over the course of the year, which is just where we are with our new years resolutions!

We are moving on to February, so it is definitely not too late for whatever you are looking to achieve. Wether you have stalled out or are worried you may eventually, take some time to watch this Ted talk, “How to gain control of your free time.”


In the Spirit of Feminism

My fellow 20 somethings,

In the spirit of Women’s Marches taking place today, I just wanted to announce how proud I am of every single one of you. I promise this is not a political blog. I do not believe in pushing my beliefs on others; your beliefs are your own personal choices. Your political party is your own choice.

With that being said, I felt so proud to be an American yesterday, to witness democracy through our inauguration ceremony. But today, I am so proud to be a woman. I am proud to hear how many people are stepping out to show that women’s rights are human rights, that our diversity unites us, and equality is necessary at all levels of society.

I love each and every one of you!! Let’s spread the love today ❤

New Year, New You! (Continued)

New Year Resolutions… (eye roll, am I right?)

What I dislike about New Years resolutions, is the notion that they are only goals for January, February, and then sometime in March they cease to exist. Just take a look around your gym (if you belong to one), it is probably mobbed right now! Peak hours are much crazier than normal, and there is a wait for a cardio machine. Come March, you’re wondering where everyone went; did they give up? I am here to tell you all, your New Years resolutions don’t need to be this way.

Let’s shift our mindset to the positive, 2017 is a new beginning. Like every year, 2017 has 365 days to work towards your goals, not just the first 3 months. We have so much time to work with.

In my last post, I ended by asking what you want in this year and to gather a list of your goals, which I was obviously intending for myself as well. This year, I decided to log ALL of my goals in google docs (I love being able to access it anywhere). I wrote down everything I want for myself this year, no matter how small to large it may be. Nothing is too small or broad for this list, but keep in mind to only focus on things which you have the power to influence.

For example, I want to stop cursing, save more money, develop my blog, but I also want to focus on making myself happy. Like I said nothing is too broad or too specific. Personally, I feel that every goal I have for myself is important and all serve a different purpose towards mastering my twenties.

Was there something you wished you changed about 2016? Was there something you just never got around to? How about something you’ve wanted for a while, but you did not know where to begin?

Don’t get bogged down by how you will really get there just yet. We can talk about that later. Let’s take this one step at a time, and you won’t burn out. Slow and steady, right?

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed celebrating with those who are special to you. With the New Year comes resolutions and big hopes for change in your life, whatever your goals may be.

I am planning on featuring a few different posts about setting and reaching your goals, but more specifically, how to work on becoming your best self.

Acknowledging what you really want is the first step to achieving your goals!

So now is the time to get a list together of everything you want for yourself in 2017! What is next to tackle in your 20s? Is it budget? Career? Relationships?